• HeartCompass

    “She did a FUCKING AMAZING job.”

    I chose Margie to create my new website, logo, and graphics (like cool 3-D ebook covers) and she did a FUCKING AMAZING job. I wanted a responsive design that also looked good on mobile, and she delivered with bells on. I told her the feelings I wanted the site to convey – wholehearted and radiant – and I feel like those qualities shine through on every page. I wanted a logo that captured the heart of my work, and she nailed it. It fills me with such delight each day that I made it my desktop background and I’m even considering getting it as a tattoo.

    She was a delight to work with throughout the entire process. When I was very picky about little things I didn’t like (which was often, because I am a horrid client) she never complained – she either changed them, or advised me what she thought would look best from a design perspective. And she was always right – her way did end up looking much better.

    Five stars, A++++, would design with again.

    Pace Smith

  • “She seamlessly connects the dots and delivers the exact result.”

    Margie is talented, intuitive, and to be trusted. As a busy creative entrepreneur, I’ve thrown countless creative projects her way — admittedly, many with unspecific details and incomplete requirements. But that’s part of what makes Margie so special, and ultimately, why her work consistently shines: she seamlessly connects the dots and delivers the exact result that I could only dream of through perfected visual appeal, beautiful layout and functional design.

    Dave Ursillo
    Writer, DaveUrsillo.com

  • Poetry for Your Personal Apocalypse Bookcover

    “Margie’s help with formatting saved me a ton of heartache.”

    As an independent writer, I’ve tried doing everything myself, but the distraction of fretting about formatting and cover design was getting in the way of the work I actually wanted to do. Margie’s help with formatting saved me a ton of heartache — poets know the value of a properly broken line, and getting that to translate into an e-reader is important!

    Working on the cover design together was really fun, and it definitely inspired me to branch out with future covers. I’ll definitely be seeking Margie’s support on future books!

    Mary Richert Hendrie
    Writer, MissDirt

  • WGN Business Card

    “Her ideas and creativity came together to form a perfect product for my business.”

    Working with Margie on my business card project was as simple and as smooth of a process as I could have ever hoped!  She has been professional from the start, and her ideas and creativity came together to form a perfect product for my business.  I had only intended on producing cards for myself, but after working with Margie, I decided to do cards for the entire company.

    I would gladly work with her again any time and have the utmost confidence in her and her abilities.  Thank you for your hard work and patience with my revisions and thoughts throughout the entire process!

    CEO, WGN Flag & Decorating Co.


Hi there! I’m Margie!

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