2012: No Resolutions, Just Intentions

I’ve decided to toss the idea of resolutions this year.  Every time I make a resolution, I stick with it for a month or two before getting distracted or just giving up. This leads to frustration and anger with myself.  What good does that bring?!  So I’m done with resolutions and moving to be more gentle with myself by setting intentions for 2012 instead.

To make this happen, I’m working on Goddess Leonie’s beautiful 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar.  I took an old sketchbook I had laying around and glued in the pages.  I had fun using scrap paper to collage the covers and a little glitter found its way on there too.  (Gee, that’s a surprise!)

Not only is the workbook helping me figure out what I really want from the coming year, it’s helping me let go of 2011.  Some not-so-fun things happened that I don’t want to carry with me anymore.  It’s also helping to point out the good things that happened last year.  There’s a whole page of celebration.  I started writing a few things and then it grew!  I kept remembering happy times and goals I achieved.

One of my favorite sections so far is the “100 things to do in 2012” section.

Get your copy of the 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar and start your 2012 with positive intentions!  It’s only $9.95 and features over 100 pages of worksheets and a printable calendar.  It’s full of Leonie’s colorful, whimsical illustrations and great prompts to get you really thinking about the coming year.

What are your intentions for 2012?