Aurora Art Walk 5

My weekend kicked off with the 5th Aurora Art Walk. It’s so inspiring to see artists and art lovers alike all out on the town Friday night. I loved viewing at art I might not have run across otherwise. It felt a little like I was back in art school again. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! So you’ll have to settle for one iPhone photo and a few shots of some of the goodies I brought home.


I snapped this quick photo of Nik while we paused to take a phone call right outside the Art & History Center.

Aurora Art Walk

We picked up a tote bag and filled it with cards and flyers from our favorites. The pieces I enjoyed the most were the really colorful ones –not surprising! Both the abstract paintings by Edmarie and the more realistic animals paintings done by France Mitchell were quite vibrant in person.

One of the stops was 7 West Studio. They have so many fun gifts and art to purchase from local makers. I really don’t have an excuse for never checking it out before, but I’m glad I finally did!

At River’s Edge Cafe they had an art project for everyone. We made prints with plexiglass, black paint, cotton swabs and paper. It was fun to make a little something after seeing all that inspiration. Mine is the one with the swirls. Nik’s is either a hairball or an insect… we’re not sure.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming arts events in Aurora. The next Art Walk is October 14, but before that there’s the Louche Puce Market and the Alley Art Festival.

Art Walk, Louche Puce, Alley Art