Casino Night Costume

Some wonderful friends always host a themed New Year’s Eve party. This year, it was Casino Night. So, what to wear? A Casino Night costume, of course!

Turns out I had this old sweater buried in the second bedroom closet. It’s not something I wear anymore, but it’s sparkly!

I took a few decks of cards and glued them to the cardigan part of the sweater. I tried a few different methods to get the cards to stick. The stapler worked pretty well, but the reach quickly became a problem. Fabric glue worked the best. I ended up using glue dots when I ran out of fabric glue.

Then I switched out the button for a red one and, here’s where I went a little overboard: I modge-podged red glitter on the button.  I read somewhere that if you mix the glitter and the modge podge, the glitter won’t flake off since it’s sealed in the glue!

I took one of my hubby’s older dress shirts and covered it in cards too. We were the card covered couple! (Try to say that five times fast.)

If you need a Casino Night costume, grab some cards and get gluing!