I love helping others reach their goals, big or small! How can I help you?

I’m a professional graphic designer with experience in branding, web and print design. I create logos, book covers, websites, headers, backgrounds, business cards, stationery and more. Please view my portfolio for examples.

Pricing and Process

Since every project is different, fees will vary. Here are my basic services:


We’ll have a consultation so I can get a feel of your business, as well as, any thoughts you have for your logo. Then I will design three logo sketches for you to choose from. We’ll discuss what you like and dislike, and I’ll make adjustments. Once you approve the design, you’ll get your logo in .jpg, .ai, and .png formats for you to use as needed. Base price: $350

Logo Design deposit $100

If you need a header, banner, Twitter background, or Facebook timeline cover photo designed, I’d love to create these files for you, once your logo design is finalized.


We’ll have a consultation so I can get a feel of your book and any ideas you have for the cover. I’ll design 2 covers for you to chose from and we’ll make changes as needed. If you’d like more options, I can provide those for an extra fee. Base price: $200

If you need someone to format your book for self publication, I can help. I design e-pubs for Kindle, Nook and other e-readers. I also set up books for print, ie. CreateSpace, Blurb. Fees vary on the type (poetry or prose) and length of your book. Base price: $75

I’m can also create promotional images for your book.

Book Design deposit $75


All website spots in my project schedule are currently full.

Graphic Design Policies

PRIVACY POLICY  I hate spam just as much as you do. I will never share your information with third parties unless required to do so by law or requested by you. The information I collect from you will be used to maintain your services with me and to represent the quality of my work to others, such as in my portfolio.

OWNERSHIP OF LOGOS AND PRINT GRAPHICS  Upon completion of a custom logo design and payment of web design and development fees, the client is the owner of the commissioned logo. The client may continue to use the commissioned logo to promote the client’s company or organization regardless of whether he/she chooses to continue further services with Margie’s Mark LLC. The client does not have the right to resell the design or development to other companies.

THE PROCESS  Logo design: I believe in flexibility in design; however, I do have to limit revisions to five for a flat rate logo design. Additional edits will be billed hourly.
Print work is billed on an hourly basis.

TERMINATION OF SERVICES  If the client changes his/her mind about doing work with Margie’s Mark LLC during the course of the initial design or development phase, the client will be responsible for the amount of work already completed. Depending on the amount of work completed at the time of cancellation, this may mean receiving a full refund, a partial refund, no refund, or owing additional fees.
In order to protect clients from unintentional service interruption, clients wishing to terminate any services must request the service termination in writing.

REFUSAL OF SERVICE  Margie’s Mark LLC reserves the right to decline to do business with any client for any reason.

CHANGES TO TERMS OF SERVICE  Margie’s Mark LLC reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time for any reason.