Free Energy and Goddesses

Life has been kinda rough lately.  I’m going through a transitional period and someday I might share more details, but I’m not through enough of it yet.  So I wanted to show you two things that are making me super happy today:

1. Free Energy

I LOVE this band right now!  Have you heard them?  My hubby got a recommendation to check them out, but I think I like them even more than he does.  They have a 70s groove and their songs are so upbeat.  They just make me feel good!  No matter what mood I’m in, I can’t help singing along and tapping my foot to the beat.

And this song in particular is on repeat in my head!
(But I don’t mind, because I love it!)

2. The Goddess Circle

When I’m feeling down or just plain blah, I can turn to this magnificent international women’s circle.  Goddess Leonie Allan created this beautiful sacred place.  Her positive energy and radiance is infectious.

“My intention is for this space to be safe, loving and light-filled for every woman who comes here,”  and it’s “the place for you to come as you are – woman, wise soul, Goddess.” Goddess Leonie Allan

Whenever I need to, I just sign in and talk to the goddesses.  There’s always someone there to support me, no matter what is happening.  Even the fact that I know they are there makes a difference for me.  If I’m feeling stuck or unsure, I think What would the goddesses say? They help me remember to be gentle with myself and keep smiling.