How to Fix a Crazy Hat

Sometimes a crazy hat is just the thing!  Nik bought this fun hat while we were in Vegas.  It really suits him, but unfortunately the cheery flower came loose only the 3rd time he wore it!  So I fixed it.

I needed to replace the wire in the stem.  The old one was too weak.  I found several contenders:  a pipe cleaner, floral wire, heavier wire and a double wired long twist-tie I’d saved from some packaging.  I do that –I save totally random things, because they always come in handy!

The big twist-tie won.  The other wire wasn’t strong enough for me, and the twist-tie had the advantage of being double wired and covered in plastic –strong enough for this project!

I cut the twist-tie down to a length about an inch longer than the original stem.  With projects like this, it’s always better to have some extra to trim off.  Use wire cutters to cut a twist-tie like this.  If you use your scissors, you’ll put notches in the blades.  I will find you!  Be good to your scissors and they will be good to you!

Then I cut the end off the flower stem and pulled out the old wire.  I used a piece of tape to make the end of the twist-tie pointed so it would go into the sleeve of fabric more easily.

Once I got the twist-tie into the stem, I hot glued the flower to the hat.  I tucked the extra length of twist-tie under the band of the hat and glued that down too for stability.  Plus, I added a dollop of glue at the base of the stem for even more reinforcement.  Then I twisted the flower around a pen for the curly effect.

Now it’s a completely crazy hat once again!