Patty’s Valance Part 2

Last year I made curtains and a valance for my mother-in-law.  They came out well and we were both pleased.  But after awhile the valance started sagging in the middle.  Since I didn’t really know what I was doing in the first place, I didn’t get upset.  Sometimes that’s the way these things go.  I hoped it would work, but it was just too long and didn’t stay straight.  So I brought it home for a re-work.

Instead of making one long piece for the whole valance, I created two parts this time.  The trouble with the original valance was the middle part of the rod had a support going into the wall that I had to design around.  I got two curtain rods and my hubby installed them right next to each other.  I chopped the long valance in half and resewed the two parts.  The fabric was tricky to work with and keep fraying, so I had to redo all of the seams.  But in the end, it was worth the effort!

Here’s the result:

Now the fabric is supported all the way across the window and there’s no “funny business,” as my grandma would say, through the middle.