I’ve been in a creative rut for a couple of weeks now.  I’m sure no one wants to read a list of excuses, so I’ll skip that.  What’s really been bugging me?

It’s partially how busy my job has been.  With only one day weekends, I’m usually too tired to be creative when I’m home.  On top of it, my job’s gotten pretty repetitive and a bit frustrating.  A customer wants yellow text on a white background… I have to say “No problem, just let me put a drop shadow on it so it’s legible.”  Ugh.  Cheesy drop shadows everywhere.  I can’t even imagine what my teachers would say if they saw the work I’ve been doing!

Normally I channel that frustrati0n into positive creative energy.  I make pretty cards and work on projects around my house that make me happy.  It’s as if I suddenly forgot how to do it.

Maybe I can remember if I just throw myself into a project anyway.  I’ll have to try and see!

by OriginalYouth on etsy

RANSOM note, 2 collage sheets by OriginalYouth on etsy