Southern Illinois Trip – Giant City

On Thursday of our week-long vacation in Southern Illinois, we packed a lunch and headed to Giant City State Park just to the south of Carbondale.  We started at the Visitor’s Center and hiked two trails there: the Arrowwood Tree Identification Trail and the Post Oak Nature Trail.


Then we went deeper into the park and ate our lunch near the Giant City Nature Trail.  This hike is the main attraction of the park.  The rock formations were named “Giant City” because they felt like tall buildings with streets to the people who first saw them.

The rock walls were full of “historical graffiti” from the 1800s.

Rand jumped up onto this rock, surprising us both!  He must have wanted a better view of the forest around us.

I just wanted to do a silly pose under this rock.

I love the way the trees grow up, around and through the rocks.

The Stone Fort Trail was the last one we hiked.  Native Americans gathered the rock and built the wall.  No one knows why they created it — very mysterious!

We really liked Giant City.  We’ll have to go back again and hike some of the other trails next time we’re down to visit my parents.