Thanksgiving Pine Cone Turkey

Thanksgiving this year is going to different from all the Thanksgivings in my memory. My hubby and I are hosting for the first time and I’m nervous excited. So I got thinking about the holiday earlier than usual and all the things I love about it… my Thanksgiving pine cone turkey pin is one of those. I’ve worn him every year since I made him (except one year that I lost him –I was very distraught).

Isn’t he cute?

I decided to make a larger version of him to go on my Thanksgiving table. They’re simple, festive and just plain fun!

First, gather supplies: pine cone, feathers, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, tiny bit of yarn, tacky glue, glue gun

Figure out where your turkey’s natural bottom is. If there’s a flatter side of your pine cone, make that the bottom. If not, squish down a couple of the wings. You don’t want your turkey rolling off the table.

Then pick your feathers and temporarily place them in the wider part of the cone.

Take out the feathers and squeeze tacky glue into the spots you picked. Then stick the feather in the hole.

Continue until you’re satisfied with his plumage.

Take a pipe cleaner and cut a couple of inches for the turkey’s body and a couple more for his legs. Bend his body in a slight s-curve and his legs in half.

Use a glue gun to attach his body and legs. If you can get the tacky glue to work, that’s good too. I couldn’t get the tacky glue to hold, so I resorted to the hot glue. I wouldn’t recommend using the glue gun for the feathers, though. You’ll end up with a stringy mess, unless you’re an expert with hot glue.

I made mine’s legs longer because I had to glue them farther back on the pine cone. You can always trim his legs a bit later if they stick out too far.

Add his eyes! He’s getting cuter!

Then take your bit of yarn and make his caruncle and snood. (No, I didn’t know those off the top of my head. I looked it up.) Glue the yarn on with tacky glue. He’s done!

I made him a friend so he won’t get lonely:

Happy Thanksgiving!