The Thing Holding Back Your Creativity

I’m riding high on three consecutive nights of crafting.  I’m exhausted from getting to bed late, but it was SO worth it and I feel great!  It’s got me thinking, Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Are you afraid you’ll mess it up?

When we’re little we try all kinds of things.  We create, craft and imagine with abandon. We don’t have the fear of doing it “wrong” or not to a specific plan.  Ever color outside the lines in your coloring book?  We use to let our imaginations run wild without ever even thinking about it.

What changed?

“I grew up,” you might say.  But what does that mean?  It might be different for everyone, but I think preconceived notions and biases are to blame.  You think, “If I make this project, it will have to look like this picture I saw in that magazine.”  How come?  Wouldn’t it come out better if it has some “you-ness” in it?

Part of why I do so many projects for my home and as gifts is because they’re unique/custom/couture.  They have part of me in them.  Those magazine photos, TV shows, and pins on Pinterest are inspiration.  They aren’t the be all end all.  Don’t say, “If this looks different from the photo I found, I did it wrong.”  Questing for perfection is a road to unhappiness.

Strive to create without worries and biases.  Tara Gentile says, “Nothing stifles your creativity like doubt.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Doubt is one of the big stoppers.

What’s holding you back from making?  Is it doubt? Fear? Perfection? Something else entirely? Leave a comment below or send me an email. I’d love to know what’s keeping you from do-it-yourself projects.

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