Thong Sized Stories Book Design

Thong Sized Stories Cover

Last month my husband released a new collection of very short stories called Thong Sized Stories.  He describes the collation as “ten stories so fresh you’ll slap them.”  Nik’s stories take you on a journey from the quirky to the bizarre and back again, touching on themes of love, trust, family, and friendship, each in only a few pages.  He writes more about the book on his blog, The Imaginary Playground.

At first I had a tricky time coming up with a cover image for this book design.  The stories are so varied!  I ended up using typography to unify the book.  I designed an ePub for Kindle as well as a print version for CreateSpace.  Here’s the table of contents from the print edition:

Table of Contents for Thong Sized StoriesI’m very happy with the way this book design came together.  The print edition is beautiful.  Here’s the back cover:

Thong Sized Stories Back Cover

If you’re looking for a fun, quick read, pick up a copy of Thong Sized Stories in print or ePub!