‘Tis the Season to Reuse Holiday Cards!

Some probably think it’s old-fashioned, but I love sending out Christmas cards.  It makes me happy to put stamps and stickers on the envelopes and send holiday cheer around to family and friends.  On the flip side, I love receiving holiday cards!  I’m lucky to get a nice stack in the mail every year.

So… what to do with that pile of cards?  Why, get crafty, of course!  Here are a few ideas to reuse holiday cards for fun upcycled projects:

Greeting Card Boxes

These little boxes are so handy and fun to make.  They’re great for small gifts or keeping special ornaments safe. Here are printable directions!

Gift Tags

Get a punch (like this one) and punch tags from the card fronts. Use the punch as a “frame” to help you decide what part to use.  Then punch a small hole at the top and feed ribbon through it to make recycled gift tags.  You’ll be set for gift giving!

Make New Cards

If you like an image or text from a card, cut it out and put it on some coordinating card stock to make a new card.  Add patterned paper, ribbon, or stamp a greeting on it to make it your own.

What about all those photo cards?

I’ve had several thoughts on these over the years:

– Put them in a scrapbook or photo album.  Every year you can look back at the past photo cards you kept and see how much your friends’ kids and puppies have grown.

– Find a photo frame ornament, cut the photo to fit, and add your loved ones to the tree.

– Glue magnets to the back and put them on your fridge to enjoy all year.

What do you do with the cards you receive this time of year?